E.N.E.R.G.Y Extending, Nurturing, Empowering, Reassuring, Guiding, Youth


Energy Is the overall umbrella under which the youth ministries program will operate. This new system will provide a high-level of cross-generational cooperation, and foster dedicated, active members.

The youth of any church are the primary energy source of the church. There is no appliance that can operate without its major source of energy. Likewise, the church cannot operate optimally without an active youth department. The ENERGY program will provide the youth with purpose, and instill within the church-at-large a sense of responsibility toward supporting the next generation.

ENERGY is comprised of five ministry areas: Elementary, Middle-school, High-school, University, and Refresh. Each ministry area will seek to encourage the spiritual growth of a young Christian over a span of 25 years. As each ministry area provides exclusive growth opportunities for its demographic, the church will experience a heightened awareness of not only Christian responsibility, but also youthful exuberance.

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  • Responsible for the spiritual, mental, and physical development of young people from pre-kindergarten through sixth-grade.
  • Focuses on imparting the basic elements of Christianity by emphasizing themes such as: Christian friendship, obedience, honesty, cooperation, and respect.
  • Opens doors for young students to start discovering their spiritual gifts and use them in ministry for others.
  • Creates opportunities for parents to continue the instruction of basic Christian principles at home.
  • Plans social events that seek to provide families with interactive recreation.

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Trina Ware

Middle School

  • Responsible for the spiritual, mental, and physical development of young people in the seventh and eighth grades.
  • Focuses on building a healthy understanding of interpersonal issues such as: family, self-esteem, God-esteem, responsibility, biological change, social circles, and forgiveness.
  • Builds a better understanding of humanity’s Salvation, and provides ministry opportunities that allow each student to share the Good News of the Gospel with someone else.
  • Encourages the further development of spiritual gifts.>
  • Plans social events that create environments conducive to self-disclosure.

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High School

  • Responsible for the spiritual, mental, and physical development of young people from ninth to twelfth grade.
  • Focuses on empowering young people to decipher truth from lie, concerning topics like: family, dating, sexuality, education, the church, Adventism, health, media, and God’s character.
  • Provides the resources and mentoring required for students to start their own ministries.
  • Prepares students for the realities they will face at the University level and emphasizes living the Christian lifestyle inside and outside the church environment.
  • Plans social events that are age-relative and expand the world view.

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Marsha Bardo

Young Adult

  • Responsible for the spiritual, mental, and physical development of young people within the under-graduate and graduate stage of development (18-30).
  • Focuses on providing support for life transitions such as: college/university life, courting, marriage, job searching, finance management, and child rearing.
  • Creates opportunities that aid in overcoming challenges such as: fornication, adultery, alcohol consumption, drug abuse, depression, stress, debt, suicidal thoughts, failure, and family dysfunction.
  • Builds recognizable campus ministries that feed small-group forums, emphasizing Christian-life study and peer support as vital life needs.
  • Plans social events that build camaraderie between young adults.

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Greg Fontus