2017 Nosce Te Ipsum Cotillion

2017 Nosce Te Ipsum Cotillion



The Nosce Te Ipsum Cotillion and Beautillion is a voluntary process that collaborates with students, parents, and the Riverside Nashville Seventh-day Adventist Church to provide a rite-of-passage opportunity for outstanding high-school candidates.

Riverside Nashville’s ENERGY Ministries is committed to disseminating the knowledge attained by previous generations, and facilitating a healthy environment for the innovation of past ideas into new ideas through its Nosce Te Ipsum Cotillion/Beautillion program. The cotillion seeks to develop junior and senior high-school students in the areas of God-knowledge, Self-knowledge, Cultural-knowledge, Economic-knowledge, and Global-knowledge over an eight-month mentorship program. This mentorship training is comprised of mandatory activities lead by qualified professionals, covering five target development areas (i.e. God, Self, Culture, Economy, and Global). Once a candidate has successfully completed the standards of all five development areas, she/he will be presented to the community at a formal cotillion gala and confirmed as exceptional, conscious, young adult.

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